Ries, et al v. Capone Iron Corporation, et al v. D&S Commercial Masonry

This matter, which arose from a large construction project, involved a Plaintiff inspector’s claims against the general contractor, the project manager and the steel subcontractor. The steel subcontractor, as Defendant/Third-Party Plaintiff, asserted claims against Third-Party Defendant D&S Masonry, the masonry subcontractor. The Court allowed D&S Masonry’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing that since D&S Masonry, as a masonry subcontractor, had no legal or practical control over the Defendant/Third-Party Plaintiff steel subcontractor’s installation of steel beams, it could not be liable to Plaintiff for injuries sustained when a steel beam fell on Plaintiff.

Ries, et al v. Capone Iron, et al v. D&S Commercial Masonry United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Civil Docket No. 1:13-CV-11482-DJC (Casper, J.)