White Collar Defense

As trial attorneys, we represent clients at all stages of white-collar criminal litigation in federal, state, and local courts. Our services range from advising targets of grand jury investigations and witnesses who must appear before them, to guiding clients through the indictment, pretrial, and negotiation phases and representing our clients at trial and on appeal.

The prosecutorial experience of our firm’s senior members contribute significantly to our success in defending white collar criminal actions resulting in frequent acquittals and other favorable outcomes. Our cases involve wide-ranging federal and state criminal statutes, with a focus on economic crime including RICO, fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, and government forfeiture claims. We also are experienced in handling complex matters concerning allegations of insurance violations, health care fraud and violations of the False Claims Act.

Whether or not a case goes to trial, our attorneys understand that every step of a case requires their full attention and effort, and that pretrial preparation and strategy are as important to a successful defense as masterful courtroom representation.

The firm’s experience working with the government in connection with criminal investigations is broad. Many of our senior members are alumni of District Attorney’s Offices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.