Edward Gargiulo and Heather Rowell Obtain a Defense Verdict

Jury Verdict – On February 21, 2019, Edward R. Gargiulo and Heather K. Rowell obtained a Defendant’s verdict for their client W. Vernon Whitely Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. in a case seeking reimbursement of nearly $800,000 in property damage payments made to Plaintiff as a result of a fire as his residence in March, 2015. Plaintiff alleged that the fire occurred as a result of the negligent installation and servicing of a oil-fired hot water heating boiler and burner at the premises. The defense contended that the fir was unrelated to the burner and occurred due to an electrical fault in an exterior electrical receptacle. The case known as United Services Automobile, Subrogee of James Tyng v. W. Vernon Whiteley Plumbing and Heating Co, Inc., C.A. No.: 1572 CV 00576 was tried before the Honorable Susan E. Sullivan and a jury from 2/11/2019 through 2/21/2019.