Rulings and Decisions

Gowell v. Joyce Landscaping, et al

The Court granted Defendant’s Joyce Landscaping, Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.  Gargiulo / Rudnick represents the Defendant.  Judge’s Memorandum of Decision and Order on Joyce’s Partial MSJ

Goff, et al v. Jeoung Kim, et al

Court granted Defendant, Jeoung Kim’s, Motion for Summary Judgment. Goff, et al v. Jeoung Kim, et al

Hall v. Bridier, et al

Court granted the defendants an award of appellate attorney’s fees and costs. Hall v Bridier, et al, Massachusetts Appeals Court No. 2015-P-1583

Hall v. Bridier, et al

Appeals Court dismissed the appeal filed by Hall, as agent for Seagate, Inc.  Appeals Court Decision November 22, 2016

Ries, et al v. Capone Iron Corporation, et al v. D&S Commercial Masonry

This matter, which arose from a large construction project, involved a Plaintiff inspector’s claims against the general contractor, the project manager and the steel subcontractor. The steel subcontractor, as Defendant/Third-Party Plaintiff, asserted claims against Third-Party Defendant D&S Masonry, the masonry subcontractor. The Court allowed D&S Masonry’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing that since D&S Masonry, […]

Brinkman v. Keating, et al

Court granted Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment.  Because the record showed no more than joint ownership of a communal supply of alcohol, the Plaintiff had no reasonable expectation of establishing social host liability at trial and Defendants are entitled to judgment as matter of law. Paul Brinkman v. Paul Keating & another, Civil Action No. 2012-1117B […]